Reflection on Filming I

Capturing an event: South Water Filming the trip to Southern Water was challenging. I had been once before filming the event to mentally make note of the location, the kinds of things that I’d want to film and the potential problems I could face while filming. I had a friend, Jasper, aid me in filming which was extremely valuable to have someone passionate about filmography and competent with high quality equipment. Despite having a preliminary assessment before filming, I had underestimated some of the problems with filming. The industrial sewage treatment facility had lots of background sound of machinery and buzzing. This in turn lead to making some of the footage unusable due to audio problems. The obstacle made for a critical appraisal for how I could still effectively use the visuals from the material shot while not being degraded by loud sounds and inaudible speech. The result was using the footage least affected and running interview audio over the top of some of the footage. The fact that this was my first real experience shooting film was clear in some of the shots, and something I sought to improve on.

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